The Researches of the Bermuda Triangle (I)

Specious inspect

According to the British “Daily Telegraph”, 28 oceanographic experts from 14 countries conducted a 20-day study in the Bermuda Triangle in April 2006, got rid of all the plankton that live in the sea surface to the seabed. Of the thousands of organisms captured, scientists have classified 500 species and analyzed more than 220 of them. The results showed that at least 20 species of plankton were first discovered. In addition, scientists have discovered more than 120 species of fish, several of which are also “specialties” of Bermuda. This visit is part of the global ”Census of Marine Life” project. Dr. Peter Vibe, of the Woods-Hall Marine Geography Institute in the United States, said: “We are mapping the distribution of marine plankton, just as astronomers have drawn space maps.” The world currently has 7,000 known Plankton, the number may double by 2010. Scientists hope to register all plankton in their books and reveal their role in the Earth’s climate and marine food chain.square steel tubing for sale

According to rough estimates, every 10,000 pounds of phytoplankton can feed 1,000 pounds of small zooplankton, which in turn provides food for 100 pounds of large zooplankton, and they can feed 10 pounds of small fish. In the end, the 10 lb. small fish will become a plate of 1 lb. for the big fish. Plankton is not only the most fundamental source of food for marine fish, but also contributes to the purification of the atmosphere. The ocean can absorb the carbon in the air, which is largely due to the activity of plankton.

The anomaly geomagnetism zone

The strangeness of the Bermuda Triangle lies in the ocean and the atmosphere. The oceans and atmospheres here emit bands that are different from other ocean areas. Therefore, many ships and aircraft disappear here. The data recorded by the satellite shows that there is a geomagnetic anomaly zone in the South Atlantic, where there is only radiation inside the Earth. This radiant belt was named the Van Allen belt. Earth radiation carries two external and internal radiations. They reach the geomagnetic layer to accumulate high-energy particles, preventing them from invading the earth. The inner layer is mainly composed of protons, while the outer layer is filled with electrons. The inner and outer bands are shaped like donuts. American scientist James Fan discovered the inner zone after analyzing the data from the satellite “Explorer Number One”. Therefore, the Bermuda Triangle Radiation Belt was named the Van Allen Belt.

This also proves the study of the former Soviet physicist Sergei Wilanov and Alexander. Scientists say it is precisely because of the existence of a tape in the Bermuda Triangle that this rare geographical situation has occurred. They collected data through the Russian spacecraft No.3. The data shows that when there is a long period of solar activity, such as sunspots, the earth sometimes changes and a third band appears. When the sun is stable, this layer of waves will naturally disappear. The Italians used some unclaimed satellites to collect data, and they launched a satellite called BeppoSAX. When the satellite passes over the Bermuda Triangle, it is clearly felt that the radiation is increasing, and the radiation gradually disappears when flying away from Bermuda.

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