The Prediction of American Educational Technology Market: Many Losers and A Little Winners (III)

Investment Trends: Higher Education Occupy

The $1,450 million investment in 2018 was categorized, with US education technology companies supporting K-12 students and educators raising $511 million, and those primarily serving higher education raising $590 million. Companies in the preschool and professional education sectors raised $350 million.

Higher education: a significant increase

The total amount of financing in the field of higher education has increased significantly. Leading CampusLogic ($55 million in financing in 2018) and Commonbond ($50 million), their tools focus on providing financial assistance and loans to students and higher education institutions. As students’ concerns about debt persist, investors’ interest in alternative solutions such as the Revenue Sharing Agreement will grow.square steel tubing for sale A problem closely related to student debt is whether college graduates can find a job. Therefore, many investors want to help companies build bridges from education to employment. For example, TrilogyEducation raised $50 million to work with colleges and universities to provide short-term workforce training programs focused on digital skills. Another Handshake company helped college students and employers connect and earned $40 million in investment. “The boundaries between human capital management, corporate training and alternative certification are blurring,” Palmer said. For example: Guild Education raised $40 million and continues to work with companies including Chipotle and Walmart to create educational benefits programs that give their front-line employees a college degree.

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