Search Engine Marketing, About Its Framework

Today, as marketers we have to read the post below, and understand related popular online marketing methods for prompt your companies’ development and rise achievement of sales. What is search engine marketing? Below is related ways,galvanized steel tubing suppliers


Method and Steps

  • Step 1: Understand which user groups products/services target (e.g. male groups aged 25-35; enterprises with 50-100 people in the trade sector)
  • Step 2: Understand the search habits of the target group (What keywords are used by the target group to search for the target product?)
  • Step 3: What types of websites are frequently accessed by target groups?
  • Step 4: Analyse what features the target users are most interested in (the main features that affect the purchase of the product, such as brand, price, performance, scalability, service advantages, etc.)
  • Step 5: Bidding Advertising Account and Advertising Group Planning (Creating Google and Bing Advertising Series and Advertising Group; Need to consider the convenience of management, square steel tubing for sale and the relevance of advertising text and keywords under the Advertising Group)
  • Step 7: Write attractive advertising copy.
  • Step 8: Playing Content Online Advertising.
  • Step 9: Designing the Target Advertising Page.
  • Step 10: Evaluation of advertising effect conversion based on KPI.

Common Marketing Terminology

  • CPM

Cost Per Mille, The most scientific way to charge per thousand people for online advertising is to charge according to how many people see your advertisement. Paying per visitor has become a common practice in online advertising.

  • CPA

Cost Per Action, CPA pricing is based on the actual effect of advertising,steel coil manufacturers that is, the response to valid questionnaires or orders to charge, regardless of the amount of advertising.

  • CPC

Cost Per Click, It is charged on a click-by-click basis. Such a method combined with click-through rate restriction can enhance the difficulty of cheating, and is the best way to publicize the site. However, there are many websites that run advertisements that feel unfair.For example, although the visitor did not click, but he has seen the advertisement, for these saw the advertisement but did not click on the traffic, the website became busy in vain.


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