Scientific And Technology Things “Inroad” Into Life(II)

More independence to the disabled

It is hoped that this project will bring more independence to the disabled.

OriHime-D robots used in cafes were developed by Ory, a Japanese start-up company, initially to be used in homes with disabilities that severely restrict the movement of people with disabilities.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Robots can be told to move, observe, talk to the customers and carry objects, even if their operators can only move their eyes. These capabilities have adapted to the use of cafes.

The pilot program aims to test the links between disabled people and robots to help those who might otherwise be homeless earn wages and interact more easily with others.

Human controllers involve patients in a variety of situations, including spinal cord injury and progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

The cafe was initially open for only two weeks. Its founders are raising money through mass-funded activities to see if they can get enough money from 2020 to permanently open a Dawn Ver cafe.

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