Important Factor To Influence Market(I)

Today, let us know about one expertise namely market segmentation, an important factor to influence Market and also influence the orientation of marketing. Certainly, the most of people gradually understand market segmentation important for marketers, even online social platforms with advertising campaign also focus on segmentation such as audience segmentation. Primarily, we need to distinguish some concept of market and marketing. tin plate suppliers No confusion of basic concept is the first step to participate into marketing job and being an eligible marketer.

Difference between Market segmentation and Consumer segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of dividing the whole market into different consumer groups according to the different needs of consumers. The objective basis is the heterogeneity of consumer demand. The main basis of market segmentation is the customer group with the same demand in heterogeneous market, which is essentially to seek homogeneity in heterogeneous market. The goal of market segmentation is to aggregate consumers with the same demand in different markets.

Consumer Segmentation, also be considered as consumer psychological segmentation. The Psychological Segmentation is to segment the market according to the social stratum, lifestyle and personality characteristics of consumers. People in the same geographic segmented market may show different psychological characteristics. The enterprises subdivide the consumer market according to the psychological characteristics of consumers. The psychological factors are very complex including lifestyle, personality, purchase motivation, value orientation, the supply and demand situation of commodities and the degree of sensitivity to sales patterns and other variables.

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