Global Advanced Technology Development

The robot arm about undersea exploration

A soft robotic arm, which will allow more detailed study of underwater life, has been created. The traditional underwater vehicle arm is rough and clumsy, and it is difficult to interact with and deal with delicate marine animals and plants. The new system has a series of interchangeable bending, rotating and gripping modules to allow the arm to perform different tasks. The project includes scientists from the Wise Institute, Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Rhode Island University (URI) and Baruch College.

Researchers develop new technique for solar cells

Chinese researchers have developed a new photovoltaic technology that can improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce costs.square steel tubing prices

Mr. Peng Shanglong, head of the research team at Lanzhou University in Northwest Gansu Province, said that the new technology could increase the efficiency of solar cells to 15.1% by using efficient holes and electronic selective layers at the two poles on silicon substrates.

“Because of high equipment costs and complex techniques, traditional solar cells have long been limited in use on a large scale,” Mr. Peng said. “It is of practical value to develop a new model of solar cells.”

He added that the new technology would allow potential models of solar cells to avoid high temperature processes, which would make them cost-effective.

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