Famous Historical Celebrity – Isaac Newton(II)

Life of Figure

On January 4, 1643, Isaac Newton was born at Woolsthorpe Manor in Woolsthorpe Village, a small village in the countryside of Lincolnshire, England. When Isaac Newton was born, England did not adopt the pope’s latest calendar, so his birthday was recorded as Christmas 1642. Three months before Newton was born, his father just died. Newton was very thin because of premature birth; his mother, Hannah Ayscough, was rumored to have said that Newton was too young to put him in a quart of mugs when he was born. When Isaac Newton was three years old, his mother remarried and settled in with his new husband, Pastor Barnabus Smith, and entrusted Isaac Newton to his grandmother, Margery Ayscough.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

In 1648, Newton was sent to study. Newton was not a prodigy when he was a teenager. He got so average grades, but he liked reading books, reading books about various methods of making simple mechanical models, and was inspired by these models. He made some strange gadgets by himself such as windmills, wooden clocks, folding lanterns and so on.

Legend has it that Isaac Newton made a model of a mill by himself after figuring out the mechanical principle of the windmill. He tied the mouse to a wheeled treadmill and put a corn in front of the wheel, just where the mouse could not reach, then the rat wanted to eat corn and it kept running, so the wheels kept turning; Once again, when he flew a kite, there was a small lamp hanging on the rope. At night, the villagers saw that the comet appeared; as legend he also made a small water clock, every morning, the small water clock dripped onto his face and urged him to get up; In addition, He also likes painting and sculpture, especially sundial carving. His sundial is placed everywhere in the corner of his house and on the windowsill to test the movement of the shadow.



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